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What happens if I receive a positive test result?

Every day, a large number of individuals receive a positive test result for sexually transmitted diseases or infections (STDs/STIs). The positive aspect is that with this knowledge, you have the opportunity to seek medical care to prevent and reduce potential long-term health issues.

You are presented with multiple options for your next steps. You may opt to continue your treatment at the Test4STI clinic, which may require a fee for a follow-up appointment and/or a private prescription. Alternatively, you can bring your results to your personal GP who is also qualified to prescribe treatment. Another option is to visit your nearby Sexual Health Centre. It is crucial to seek treatment, even in the absence of symptoms, as the infection can still be transmitted to your partner. Neglected infections can lead to long-term health issues, including potential impacts on fertility. To effectively safeguard your health and address the infection, it is essential to consult with a doctor and receive the appropriate medication for your condition.

It is important to inform both your current and former partners about your positive test results. This is a responsible action that not only safeguards their health but also their fertility. Remember, it’s always best to use Test4STI.

Common Sexually Transmitted Infections: Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma, Gardnerella, and Trichomonas

If your Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma, Gardnerella and / or Trichomonas results come back positive, these infections can be effectively treated with antibiotics. With a short course of the appropriate medication, the infections can be completely cleared. You have the option to consult with a Test4STI doctor, visit your own GP, or go to a Sexual Health Centre. Your chosen healthcare provider will be able to prescribe the most suitable antibiotic for your specific infection. It is recommended to consider getting another test after completing the course of treatment to ensure the infection has been completely eradicated.

In case you have received a positive result from one of our home sample collection tests, we are able to schedule a consultation with a doctor and guarantee that they receive a copy of your results. Please call us at the provided number to arrange your private appointment with a GP.

The condition known as Herpes Simplex.

Test4STI offers a test to determine which type of Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) you have, if any. HSV (I) is responsible for “cold sores” around the mouth, while HSV (II) is the main cause of Genital Herpes. Currently, there is no cure for the virus, but there are various treatments available that effectively reduce the severity and frequency of outbreaks. This means that outbreaks can be managed and controlled with the help of creams and medications, resulting in fewer symptoms. If you have symptoms, it is best to abstain from sexual activity or use a condom to prevent passing on the virus. Should you test positive for Herpes, your Test4STI doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment for you.

Hepatitis B Virus Infection

Following a positive diagnosis for Hepatitis B, your doctor from Test4STI will recommend that you consult with a specialist who will conduct additional tests to assess the impact of the virus on your body and determine the most suitable treatment options for you. You have the choice to continue working with your Test4STI doctor or to seek treatment from your personal GP. While many individuals who test positive will see their immune system successfully combat the virus, it is important to consistently monitor the infection.

In case the illness has progressed, a specialist may be recommended to administer appropriate treatment. This treatment involves taking antiviral medication, which will be prescribed to you. The duration of the course can extend up to six months, during which you will receive consistent assistance and supervision. This should effectively eliminate the virus from your system, allowing you to resume your usual daily routine.

Hepatitis C Virus Infection

Should you receive a positive result for Hepatitis C, your Test4STI physician will recommend consulting with a specialist who will conduct additional tests to assess the impact of the virus on your body and determine the most suitable treatment options for you. You have the option to either continue treatment with your Test4STI doctor or with your personal GP. While most individuals who test positive will have their immune system successfully combat the virus, it is important to continuously monitor the infection.

Possible treatments for Hepatitis C may involve the use of antiviral medications to assist the body in fighting against the virus. It is recommended that you undergo regular check-ups to track your response to the medication. Fortunately, there are several recently developed treatments that have minimal adverse effects and have demonstrated great success in eradicating the Hepatitis C virus.

Human Papillomavirus/ Genital Warts/ Cancer of the Cervix

The Test4STI tests cover 20 different types of HPV virus. While most of these types pose a minimal risk, the body is typically capable of clearing them on its own. However, they can still be transmitted to new partners and there are certain types that require medical treatment.

There are two categories of sexually transmitted HPVs:

  • Certain types of HPV that are not associated with cancer, but can lead to the development of skin warts in the genital or anal area. These warts are primarily caused by types 6 and 11, accounting for 90% of cases.
  • Other types of HPV that have a high risk of causing cancer. Fourteen high-risk types of HPV have been identified, with types 16 and 18 being responsible for many HPV-related cancers.

Simply having a positive HPV test result, regardless of it being a high-risk strain, does not automatically indicate the development of cervical cancer. It is necessary to seek guidance from a specialist (offered at your Test4STI Clinic or your personal GP) for further testing and suitable treatment recommendations.

If an individual has a confirmed genital wart, it can be eliminated by cryotherapy, a procedure that freezes the affected cells. Additionally, there are prescribed creams available to assist in the removal of warts, alleviate their symptoms, and prevent their reappearance.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus ( HIV )

By identifying HIV early and providing proper treatment, the virus is no longer a danger to one’s life. Regular testing is recommended to enable early treatment initiation in case of a positive result. This is crucial for maintaining long-term health. While some may not require immediate medication, it is important to monitor the virus’s impact as soon as possible. With Test4STI, HIV can be detected as early as ten days after exposure.

The option to continue your treatment privately or through the NHS and your personal physician is available for you to consider.

In collaboration with the Terrence Higgins Trust (THT), Test4STI offers assistance and guidance for those affected by this life-altering virus. Your Test4STI doctor will refer you to the appropriate specialists and the THT as the first step. THT has 37 centers across the country that are dedicated to supporting individuals in this situation. They will assist you in determining who to inform and have a wealth of experience (over 30 years) in advising on disclosure. THT has aided thousands of newly diagnosed individuals and is highly regarded as the leading experts in the UK. Furthermore, they have a specialized website: for the HIV positive community to share their thoughts and emotions. Additionally, THT can help you access medical support and provide answers to any questions you may have regarding what this means for you and your future relationships. You can also reach THT Direct at 0808 802 1221 or by email at

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